Beneath the Surface 2013 Survey

If you participated in the Summer Reading Program this summer, please fill out this survey to help us plan for next year.  Thank you!


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1.  This survey is being completed by a(n)               .

2. How did you hear about this year's summer reading program? (Check all that apply) Newspaper  Radio  TV   Signs at the Library  Flyer   Parent/Friend/Teacher 

3. Were the instructions for the summer reading program clear? Yes No

4. Do you feel that reading eight weeks for the children's program is: Too much Too little Just right

5. If you were an adult or young adult participant, do you feel that reading 8 weeks is Too much  Too little  Just right

6. How many people in your family participated in this year's reading program?

7. Please rate any programs that you or your family attended:

 Please Rate Each Program Attended:

Check all that apply

I enjoyed the program

I learned a new skill I gained new knowledge about subject

My attitude toward subject matter changed for the better

My attitude toward subject matter changed for the worse

I have developed a new habit or behavior, ie: reading 15 min per day every day, etc.

Week One: Registration: Beneath the Surface

SRP Kick OFF Party


Week Two: Marketing for the Underground Masses

Week Three: Dig Into Science (MAD Science)

Week Four: Hobbits, Fairies & Fantasies

Week Five: Beneath the Surface! Life Size Paper Dolls

Week Six: Murder Underground (solve the mystery)

Week Seven:  Way Under Wednesday? Theatre Appreciation (TBA)

Week Eight:  Way Under Wednesday? Theatre Appreciation (TBA)

8.  Of all the programs attended, in which one did you learn the most?

9. Of all the programs you attended, which was your favorite ?

10. Did you like the reading prizes given out this year? Yes   No  

11. What was your overall experience with the Library's Summer Reading Program: Excellent   Good   OK   Bad

12. Did having Transportation available to and from the library affect your decision to attend? Yes   No 

   in what way did it affect your attendance 

13. Please list any and all new skills, knowledge, or change in attitude you have acquired this summer,  i.e.:I learned a lot about making Green Screen Commercials during Marketing for the Underground Masses Week” shows increased knowledge; and “I found out that the library has lots of neat books and I expanded my reading horizons through the Hobbits, Fairies & Fantasies Oh My!” is a changed behavior. “I learned a lot about  architectural design” is a change in skill). ? (Parents please help your little ones to determine the answers to this one as best you can)

14.  Please list any comments and/or suggestions for future consideration:

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